Family adventures in Singapore | Kayaking with kids (3yo + 5yo)

Family adventures in Singapore | Kayaking with kids (3yo + 5yo)

Family adventures in Singapore | Kayaking with kids (3yo + 5yo)

A lot of our articles are about travelling with kids; we truly believe that if you do it mindfully, with careful preparation and realistic expectations of what kids are capable of and how this changes holidays, then family travel is phenomenally enriching and beneficial for children and families as a whole. But these benefits aren’t exclusive to adventuring overseas; finding kid-friendly adventures in your own city can be equally as rewarding (not to mention easier on your pocket, more readily accessible and often less stressful - a triple winner!).

Our lovely friends from Warabee (their baby wraps and carriers are awesome - check them out), Kai Hui and Jia Vui, are the experts at finding fun (and often free!) family adventures in our little Red Dot. They’re uncovering some real gems - this week it’s kayaking with Kayakasia.

With school holidays and coronavirus coinciding in a horrible turn of fate, it’s a better time than ever to look around Singapore for your little slice of fun. So take the chance to go slow, rejuvenate and spend some quality time with your family. 

If you do go on some local family adventures, let us know how they go! I’d really love to hear. xx Elise

Kai Hui and Jia Vui with their two angelic children. Kai Hui and Jia Vui wear multiple hats—they’re certified baby wearing educators at Warabee and certified car seat technicians.

By Kai Hui

Yes, you’ve read the title right. My husband and I decided to take a break from the concrete jungle and brought our kids on their first kayaking trip ever with Kayakasia Singapore, a local kayak travel company for a half day eco-adventure. We signed up for a 5-hour long Sungei Khatib Bongsu trail, which starts out at the canal at Yishun Avenue 8, through the mangrove forests and out to the sea towards Sembawang Park. My husband and I both took one kid each in our kayak.

The waters at the mangrove forest was chill, although some parts of the river can be a little narrow—you may get caught in between the roots/branches—but it’s inevitable since you’re getting so up close and personal with nature! Towards the finishing point at Sembawang Park, we encountered strong currents at the sea and it felt as if we were paddling on the spot. Thankfully I had a guide attached so I didn’t have to work so hard. My husband, on the other hand, had a rocky ride—his kayak was going in circles and moving backwards. There will be experienced guides on stand-by to help you out, so fret not, keep calm and carry on!

The kids enjoyed getting close to nature as we cruised along Singapore’ largest mangrove riverine habitat. Perhaps the best is to see the evidence—I’m going let the pictures do most of the talking!

paddleTrying out my adult paddle in the still waters of Sungei Khatib Bongsu. The older kids got a shorter paddle each. Kayakasia also provided a child-size personal flotation device and a 60L waterproof bag per kayak.

cruising along in the mangrove forestThrough the mangrove forests of Sungei Khatib Bongsu. Some narrow areas and dodging the low lying branches. Otherwise quite chill as the waters were still and the tide helped to slowly carry us out. Beautiful place! 

rainingRained for a short while so out came the rain coat for this little girl.
heading out of mangrove
Heading out of the mangrove forest, to the beach where we had brunch.
catching some zzz's
Zzzz. And I could chill and snap some photos cos the guide in front did most of the paddling

Food provided by Kayakasia. Yummy unique chicken rice roll (Vietnamese spring roll style) with chicken rice chilli, grillled corn and tropical fruits.

Soaking in the waters before the 2nd half of the journey out at sea - the challenging part. Didn’t get to snap photos cos I also had to paddle hard and didn’t want to risk taking out my phone in those wavesMe + the guide paddling and still felt like we were paddling on the spot. Little girl was afraid of the waves so she came to sit with me and dozed off again.

It was a fun trip with Kayakasia Singapore. Taking such short nature adventures have left us with a newfound appreciation for the city we live in, and have deepened our connection with Mother Nature. The trip was very organised, the guides were kind and friendly, and the equipment were kept in good nick!

Getting to Yishun Ave 8:

The meeting point is along Yishun Ave 8, just after Win5, as depicted in the following picture. 

If you're getting there by public transport, you may hop on Bus 811 from Opp Yishun Stn Exit B bus stop and alight at Blk 272. From there, you'll have to walk for about 20 minutes to the meeting point.

Alternatively, you may opt to drive or take a taxi/GrabCar. A few cars can stop at the roadside near the meeting point. Remember to buckle up your kids if you're driving or taking a taxi/GrabCar! 


$95 per adult, $50 per child (<12 years old)

5 hours, 9.5km

Includes first aid kit, guides, brunch, kayak, personal flotation devices, paddle and a 60L waterproof bag.

Tips to prepare for the trip:

Pack light, but don’t skim on the essentials:

  • sunblock
  • insect repellent
  • water bottles
  • lightweight raincoat.


Wear a hat, sunglasses, long sleeved top, pants and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet!

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