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20 Different Ways to Store a Stroller

20 Different Ways to Store a Stroller

Are you on the hunt for new storage ideas for your stroller? Here are 20 unique ways and different storage stroller ideas to switch things up when storing your child’s wheels — all while saving additional space in the process!

20 Great Stroller Storage Ideas

1. Car trunk - If you currently have limited storage options in your house, try tucking away your stroller in the trunk of your vehicle. Just get some bungee cords and wrap them around the stroller’s head and backrest. Fold the stroller gear and place it in a folded position to save as much space as possible.

2. By the door - Hanging the stroller by the door of any room is also another great way to save space. Just place some large durable hooks at the top of the door and carefully hang your stroller upside down. You can try doing this storage idea by the garage or basement doors for better access and to avoid your children from reaching them.

3. Bike tent - Aside from housing bicycles of different shapes and sizes, a bike tent can also double as a shed for your stroller. All you have to do is tuck it neatly alongside the bicycles and add a cover to prevent it from getting rust or any types of damages.

4. Under the storage by the stairs - If your storage by the stairs still has room to spare, consider placing your stroller inside to save additional space. This is also a perfect storage spot because you can have easy access to the stroller when you’re heading outside the house.

5. Use a bassinet - If you really want to save on money and space, you can get a stroller with a bassinet that can double as your child’s stroller by day and bed by night.

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6. Garden shed - Aside from housing your plants and other DIY foliage projects, you can also store your stroller inside a garden shed. However, it is important to cover the stroller with a complete protective gear to avoid getting mold and insects from touching any of the stroller's surface. 

7. Bike shed - Just like the bike tent, you can also store your stroller inside the bike shed. Sheds offer more protection against the rain and extreme heat, making it an ideal storage location for your stroller.

8. Garage - You can hang your stroller by the garage by placing sturdy hooks on the door’s uppermost part. You can also place these hooks along the wall and have the stroller mounted in a straight and folded position.

9. Garden conservatory - A garden conservatory offers more protection against rain and sunlight than a garden shed. But just like anything that involves plants, it’s best to cover the stroller with a protective gear to protect it from mold and insects.

10. Baby room - If you’re the type who likes to store all essentials inside the baby room, then you can also have your stroller folded and tucked away anywhere in your child’s quarters. Just make sure that the stroller is clean and well-maintained to avoid getting unnecessary dirt inside the room.

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11. Carport - Also known as a mini shed for cars, a carport is another space that you can use to store your strollers. Just keep in mind of weather conditions to avoid damaging your stroller with too much water or heat.

12. Front or back door - You can hang your stroller by the front or back door of the house for easy access when heading out. If the back of the door has enough space, you can also install door hooks to hang the stroller in a folded position.

13. Greenhouse - Your greenhouse can not only function as your garden, but it can also house other small to medium items. The stroller is just one of these many items that you can put inside the shelter.

14. Nursery - Whether you’re still using your child’s nursery room or not, this is also a good spot to store away a stroller. Just make sure that the stroller is folded neatly to save you and your child as much space as possible.

15. Wardrobe - Who says your wardrobe can't fit a stroller? Store your lightweight and portable stroller inside the wardrobe room for easy access when making trips outside the house.

16. Storage area - If your house has a dedicated storage area, then it would serve as the best storage option to place your stroller. Just make sure that the stroller is folded properly and covered to avoid getting dust from other items all over it.

17. Basement - Even when folded, strollers can still be a huge eyesore for some people. That’s why having the stroller stored in the basement is the most preferred option by many parents. 

18. Hallway - Spacious hallway areas can also be the storage destination of your child’s stroller. Just fold and tuck it in a corner so your children can avoid running into it during playtime hours.

19. Get a foldable stroller - A foldable stroller is another great way to conserve space when storing your stroller. It takes half of the required space and bulk.

20. By the living room - Having a spacious living room means you can store a lot of furniture, fixtures and even some of your go-to baby gear such as the stroller. To avoid the stroller from getting in the way, place it in the corner of a living room or anywhere that wouldn’t catch too much attention.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Child’s Stroller

    Learning how to properly store your stroller will help you save space and let you grab your baby’s wheels whenever you need them. If you’re curious to learn more about how to get the most out of your stroller, drop us a message here at Taxi Baby! Our team of stroller and car seat experts will be more than happy to answer any of your child safety questions.

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