Hifold: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Hifold: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Hifold: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Hifold is the world’s most adjustable high-back booster that will transform car seat safety for families with ever-changing needs. Engineered to comply with regulatory standards across the world, hifold is the first-of-its-kind to be certified according to both European and US safety standards. If you’re intrigued by hifold’s features and its Transformer-like design, read on for the lowdown on this ultra portable high-back booster.

1. Optimal fit for your child

Designed to accommodate kids from 15 to 45 kg; 90 to 150cm (minimum of four years old), hifold features adjustable head, torso and seat panels with 243 different configurations! This level of customisation ensures optimum fit and comfort for your child at every stage of development. Read Pushchair Experts' review on hifold here.

P.S. If your child loves to nap on the go, you’ll be glad that hifold is fitted with head wings for them to prop their head up properly without them slumping forward, causing strain while they nap. 


2. Great for urbanites

Lightweight, ultra portable, easy and quick to set up, hifold is truly the epitome of convenience! It’s the ideal high-back booster solution for everyone: it’s great for city dwellers who own their own car but do not want a bulky car seat permanently occupying a seat; urbanites who use car-sharing services like BlueSG and ride-hailing services, dads who use their car for work (i.e. real estate agents or Grab drivers), or for vacation use. “Hifold is also a great option when handing kids off to grandparents or sending them on a sleepover. Since it is so lightweight and compact, grandparents (who don’t install seats often) won’t find it overwhelming or difficult to use,” says Amber, a mom of two. 

At just 4.5kg with a built-in convenient carry strap, hifold collapses into a small compact unit (three times smaller!) for portability and easy toting/storage! It is also fitted with removable airflow washable fabric for easy cleaning. How convenient! 


3. Suitable for bigger families

Need to fit three across in the back seat of your vehicle? With hifold, you won’t have to worry—its narrow seat width allows you to fit three kids in your back seat so long as there are lap and shoulder seat belts for all three seats!  “I also love how compact the seat is, I can easily fit 3 seats across now, or someone can comfortably sit in the middle,” says Christina, a mom of two. 

If you’re looking for a high-back booster for any situation, then hifold is very likely going to be right at the top of your list. For more information, you may contact us. If you're not sure if it’s right for your lifestyle, our car seat technicians are more than happy to give you some personal advice — book a consultation with us. Safe travels!

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