Doona+: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Doona+: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Doona+: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Traipsing around town with a baby is quite the conundrum, especially if you don’t have a car. With the Doona+ car seat stroller, you won’t have to schlep a car seat and a separate stroller everywhere you go, thanks to its fully integrated travel system! The Doona is one of the most popular baby items in Singapore—no surprise, really—where car seats and strollers have to be convenient for public transportation and taxis, and compact for navigating the city streets. Not sure what to expect from the Doona? We’ve done the legwork and put together a list of product reviews below, just for you:


1. Convenience On The Go

If you live in a city and you head out/travel with bub a lot, you’ll probably need a travel system that is really convenient, like the Doona. Thanks to its fully integrated travel system, the car seat converts into a stroller (and back) with just a quick squeeze of the lever at the back. It sets up in seconds without having to wrangle with so much gear, making it very convenient to hop in and out of cars/taxis during bub’s first few months of life. Maya from What To Expect demonstrates how you can hop out of your car and be ready to stroll with your baby in seconds:


2. Space-Saving Benefits

The fact that this car seat-stroller is only 46.5cm wide is a real bonus for families with smaller vehicles. And the cherry on top? You have one less bulky gear to store in your car trunk/storage room at home. Hurray for families with smaller cars/storage! Watch the full video by Andrew from Dad Verb for more winning features of the Doona:


3. Smooth Maneuverability

The Doona is a joy to maneuver with its low-profile design! The handling is second to none, as it features one-handed steering, making zipping pass tight corners and crowd a breeze. “It maneuvers much easier than my full-sized stroller through crowded stores and restaurants and you can even walk it down some airplane aisles,” says Danni from Babylist, “it’s so narrow!” The Doona also makes your everyday commute a smooth journey. It’s convenient for hopping on trains/buses and it maneuvers around the grab poles and seat edges easily.


If you can't decide if the Doona+ is the one for you, you may consult us here. Elise will give you some nifty advice to narrow down your search for your perfect buggy. 

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