How to find the tether anchor in my vehicle, or in a Grab or taxi

How to find the tether anchor in my vehicle, or in a Grab or taxi

How to find the tether anchor in my vehicle, or in a Grab or taxi

Some car seats require that you use a tether strap attached to the vehicle's tether anchor. Here, we'll explain what a tether strap is, why it's needed and how to find the tether anchor in your car, a Grab car, or a taxi. Plus, we'll give you some bonus troubleshooting tips! 

What is a tether strap and what is it for?

A tether strap, also commonly known as an anchor strap, is a fabric strap attached to the back of your child restraint. It features a metal hook on the end, which will attach to an approved vehicle anchor point for added safety and support.

The tether strap holds onto the restraint and reduces the forward movement of the car seat (and child) in the event of a car crash. This helps reduce the risk of injury, in particular to the head. When used correctly, the tether strap may mitigate the effects of common installation mistakes like a loose harness or loose seat installation.


Why do some car seats need a tether strap?

For other child restraints like RideSafer Travel Vest, the tether is mandatory if you're using the vest in a seating position with a lap-only seat belt. If you're using the vest with a lap-and-shoulder seat belt, then the tether can help keep wriggly or sleeping children in the correct position so that the vest and vehicle seat belt can do their job in an accident. However, crash testing has showed that if the vest is being used correctly with a lap-and-shoulder seat belt, then the tether does not absorb crash forces in an accident - the seat belt does all the work. If your child is under 4 years of age, is wriggly, or falls asleep in the car, we strongly recommend you use the tether.

Where to find the tether anchor in a car or taxi?

The tether anchor is usually located at the back of the rear seat, the bottom of the trunk of on the roof. The locations differ in different vehicles, and many have mistaken cargo hooks for tether anchors, so please refer to your vehicle’s manual for the exact location.

If you’re getting around town with a taxi or by carpool, please note that approximately 75% of Singapore's taxi and ride-sharing fleet have a top tether anchor point in the vehicle. Here’s a general guide for your reference:



What if my car doesn't have a tether anchor?

If your vehicle doesn’t have a tether anchor, please do not try to install the tether anchor on your own. Instead, you may contact your dealership to have one retrofitted by a professional.


What if my car doesn't have a tether anchor in that seating position?

You can simply use a different seating position! If you have multiple car seats to fit and a position in your rear seat doesn’t have a tether anchor, you can have the forward-facing car seat using that seating position and other car seats that don’t require the tether to take other spots. If this is not a viable solution for you, you have a tether anchor installed by a qualified technician as advised above.


Can I 'borrow' the tether anchor from the seating position beside?

Here’s a general rule of thumb: use only one tether strap to its direct corresponding anchor. NEVER attach tether straps of two car seats to the same anchor.


How tight should the tether strap be?

When using tethers, you should keep in mind to remove all slack and create tension in the strap. Do not over-tighten the strap as it will cause the restraint to lift off the vehicle seat. If you have trouble tightening the tether strap, you can try pulling it tight at different angles.


How do I remove the tether strap after it's attached and tightened?

Here's a general* step-by-step guide to remove your tether strap:

Firstly, loosen the tether strap by pressing/sliding the tether lock adjuster, depending on your type of tether strap. 

Next, press on the tab and twist to remove the hook from the the tether anchor. 

Lastly, fold or roll the excess tether strap, secure it with a rubber hoop and attach the hook to the back of your car seat. This will prevent the unused tether from hitting someone and possibly injuring them during an accident. 


*All car seats are manufactured differently, please refer to your car seat manual for specific instructions. 


If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Safe travels always! xx

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