Small Business Friends | Kerry from Red Bus Photography

Small Business Friends | Kerry from Red Bus Photography

Small Business Friends | Kerry from Red Bus Photography

Small businesses are really feeling the pinch at the moment. Now more than ever, we need to band together and support our local businesses (it doesn't necessarily have to be buying from them!) so we can stay afloat through 2020. I'd love to introduce you to a mate of mine, Kerry, from Red Bus Photography. She's a photographer that specialises in documenting relationships. Kerry made a career choice to spend more time at home with her two children—now she spend that time hiding from them.

 What does your business do?

I photograph primarily families in their daily reality, but I prefer to think of myself as documenting relationships – between loved ones, and between subjects and their environments. My typical clients want an unvarnished documentation of their daily lives and are prepared to let their guard down, in return for raw and emotive images that celebrate who they really are. I truly believe that when my clients are able to focus more on spending time together than on what image they want to present, the photoshoot becomes an experience that both adults and children enjoy. Towards this end, I offer day-in-the-life type sessions where I follow my clients around for a few hours, at home and at their favourite hangouts. I return the edited images as high-resolution digital files with all my sessions so that clients do no have to choose between images for their (real and social media) walls, and those that speak to their hearts.  

How did you get started in the business?

Photography started off as a personal hobby that really took off after my second son was born. I started a photo-a-day project shortly after that helped me develop my technical skills as well as the confidence to shoot under different conditions. I used to be in strategic planning and management consulting and have always thought of myself as more logical than creative, so starting my own photography business at the end of 2014 felt like an impromptu experiment before returning to the ‘real world’. I had some online photography courses under my belt, and first came up with the idea of shooting for other families when I searched in vain for a family photographer in Singapore that could shoot my family in a documentary style.

How did you meet Elise?

We met when you very kindly hired me for a product shoot! I love that you’re friendly, understanding and adaptable while still ‘meaning business’ - all the right elements for a child-centric business. It feels great to work with other women and talk to someone other than myself. And your team … well … suffice to say that you’ve become treasured friends! Even if I don’t show it enough.  

What is life like for you at the moment, and what’s your outlook for the coming year?

Business is at a standstill which means I get to spend more time bonding with my lovely children, I find it especially gratifying that they need me now more than ever even though there are other adults in the house. ;) I am very, very lucky that I do not currently have to worry about putting food on the table or keeping my family healthy. At the same time I am wary of saying that this crisis has afforded everyone the opportunity to take a long hard look at the social inequalities and injustices that we have tolerated for too long. This opportunity has come on the backs of many who may never see a better future. But it will be an absolute shame if we do not take this time to reflect and commit to action. The coming year will be tough for all of us and I hope that I remember to show grace.

How can we help?

Please talk to me on Instagram @kerrycheah and Facebook @redbusphotography!  I am also trying to make #crankyauntysg trend on Facebook for pure self-validation, come and follow my personal profile if you need a dose of tragicomedy in your daily routine. I will be offering special sessions soon with proceeds going to a few of my favourite charities.


For more information on Red Bus Photography, you can visit her website, Instagram or Facebook. We've dedicated a post each week to one of our friends who run a local small business, so keep your eyes peeled for more! #supportlocalbusiness

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